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Some people might have picked Henry Cejudo, but few were bold enough to suggest he’d do it in under a minute.

But in the main event of UFC Brooklyn, that’s exactly what happened. The reigning flyweight champion took Dillashaw out in 32 seconds to retain his title and do an incredible job of arguing for the 125-pound weight class to remain on the books.

While Cejudo immediately called for a rematch at 135-pounds for Dillashaw’s belt, Dillashaw himself was bitter in defeat, acknowledging he was hurt but was adamant the referee had stepped in too early to call the fight off and give Cejudo the win.

“I’ve busted my butt my whole life,” Cejudo said. “I was able to beat one of the greatest of all time. It’s surreal. I knew he was hurt. I caught him with that head kick and felt him wobble. The Rest was history. … TJ, we can do it again. This time we’ll do it at 135 pounds. I’ll give you another shot at 135 pounds.”

“I got clipped with the fight hand behind the ear. I could feel it, but I was there the whole time,” Dillashaw responded post-fight. “It sucks when something was taken from you. Good job, but you didn’t beat me.”