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After being in the mixed martial arts wilderness for much of the past quarter century, the African continent can boast two UFC champions and when Francis Ngannou attempts to become the third when he takes on Stipe Miocic later this month he will have ‘The Nigerian Nightmare’ Kamaru Usman in his corner.

Ngannou, who was defeated by Miocic in his first attempt at the world title in early 2018, confirmed the UFC welterweight champion Usman will be on hand to give him advice during the fight — which could be of huge importance to Ngannou, who was outworked in the grappling department in the first fight several years ago.


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“Kamaru Usman is gonna be in my corner for this fight,” Ngannou said on his vlog via MMA Fighting. “So it’s good having him here, helping me out with the fight. By this time you need everything. Basically, he’s gonna be in my corner and it’s good for him to train where I am and to bring his own asset into the game to help because this is a very decisive moment leading up to the fight. It’s very important to get with him, he’s gonna be in my corner helping me with my wrestling, which is great.”

You can check out the full video below: