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There has been something of a trend in some sections of combat sports lately of fighters placing others on the spot under the bright lights of a press conference by offering purse bets.

It has been a particular tactic of Jake Paul, the YouTuber-turned-boxer, who has issued several such wagers related to the outcomes of his boxing matches to a variety of people ranging from Eddie Hearn to Tyron Woodley. But as far as Conor McGregor is concerned, fighters should steer clear of these types of challenges.

Number one, he said, it appears as though the wagers are rarely delivered upon and merely serve as a bespoke promotional tactic. And number two, fighters have earned their spots — let them get their paydays as their bout agreements dictate.

“Has any competing fighters bet their purse against each other and then followed thru?” wrote McGregor on Twitter late on Wednesday evening.

“We should stop doing this. Fighting is tough. It can go anyway. Luck plays a hell of a part. Don’t be saying you are betting your fight purse against each other. Because it never happens. And it’s stupid. Train hard. Fight hard. Earn your dough. And then enjoy it. God bless.”

McGregor’s comments come after undefeated boxers Ryan Garcia and Gervonta Davis both appeared to agree to wager their purses on the outcome of their much-hyped pay-per-view bout to take place at the T-Mobile Arena this Saturday night.

“I make substantially more than everyone on the roster combined so it’s not feasible,” McGregor added. “I could bet a portion however. But it’s ridiculous, and no. This game, and the longer you are in it, gets tougher and tougher. I’m keeping my hard earned money for my loved ones.”