Despite confusion, Cub Swanson says clash with Artem Lobov remains UFC Nashville main event

Despite confusion, Cub Swanson says clash with Artem Lobov remains UFC Nashville main event

Lobov vs Swanson remains the UFC Nashville main event.

By John Balfe - 28 Feb 2017

Artem Lobov booked his first UFC main event recently when he was placed atop the UFC Nashville card opposite top-ranked featherweight contender Cub Swanson. On Monday, reports emerged from Combate in Brazil that the UFC were looking to add a welterweight match-up between Demian Maia and Jorge Masvidal to the card — potentially usurping the Lobov vs. Swanson main event.

While the Maia vs. Masvidal speculation has yet to be confirmed, both Swanson and Lobov have confirmed that they signed a bout agreement which stipulated the bout would be a five round main event on the April 22nd card. While Swanson was initially aggrieved, he says that he has received confirmation from the UFC regarding the status of the bout.

Speaking to Ariel Helwani on The MMA Hour on Monday Lobov added his voice to the issue, saying that he doesn’t mind what time of the day the bout takes place — so long as it happens.

“I can’t even bring myself to hate on the guy or slag him”, Swanson said.  “I’m genuinely so excited for this fight. This is the match-up that I dreamed of. This guy, he lets me show my skill. He’s the guy that puts me out there, he’s the guy that’s going to help me break into the top ten — not that I care about the rankings, but still it would be nice to be ranked. He’s the guy that will truly allow me to show my potential.

“I haven’t heard anything [about the main event switch] but it makes no difference to me. All that means to me is that my fight is going to be on a little bit earlier on the night. I don’t really care if I’m the first fight of the night or the last. It doesn’t matter; I’m in the UFC because I wanted to take on the best guys in the world and I’m moving in the right direction.”

As of now this leaves Artem Lobov vs. Cub Swanson as the main event for April 22 in Nashville. As for Demian Maia vs. Jorge Masvidal? That’s anyone’s guess at the moment.