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Derrick Lewis has long been considered one of the more unique athletes on the UFC roster — and if you needed reminding of that, all you had to do was observe his post-fight antics at last Saturday’s fight card in St. Louis. 

Lewis, 39, improved his career record to 28-12 (1) with a third-round TKO of Rodrigo Nascimiento, using his trademark power to secure what was the 23rd knockout (or TKO) victory of his run in the sport. Afterwards, though, Lewis once again caused something of a stir when he removed his fight shorts — a now frequent post-fight occurrence for the UFC veteran — but this time he added a little additional flair by removing his ‘cup’ and lobbing it in the direction of the media assembled on press-row.

And explaining his actions to reporters, including The Mac Life, in the post-fight presser, Lewis said that the direction he aimed his equipment was not a mistake.

“You know, because y’all boys always talking shit,” Lewis said, addressing the media. “Every now and then I’ve got to throw y’all under the bus like y’all do me. ‘Oh, Derrick don’t got it anymore! Blah blah blah!’”

But while some might be aghast at the hygienic implications of such a stunt, Lewis called in his wife’s opinion.

“Shit, it smells fresh. Baby, my balls don’t stink, right?” Lewis said, directing the question to his partner. “Thank you. Don’t try to stunt.”

As for the finish of the fight, which came after Lewis finally forged an opening for his concussive power to come into effect, he said that his initial strategy had been to go for broke in the final round but he couldn’t resist the temptation to let his hands go at the first sign of Nascimiento wilting.

“I was really waiting for the fifth round then explode on him, but the opportunity was there,” Lewis said. “He didn’t let me catch my breath, that’s why I had to finish him. I was trying to catch my breath, then wait it out.”