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As the UFC ploughed ahead on Fight Island, back home one of the roster’s fan favourites was getting into a spot of bother.

If fans were on social media at the right time, they would have seen Middleweight Darren Till start an Instagram Live video, but would perhaps be surprised to see upon opening it that it was the UFC fighter in a row with two police officers. In the footage, Till was clearly incensed at one of the men, repeatedly telling him to go away, getting angrier and angrier.

Reading between the lines, it seems Till had gone into a petrol station to buy some water without wearing a mask, and when seen by one of the officers was confronted.

“So I’m going to the petrol station literally about two minutes from my house and it was on the way to the gym last night and I knew that I needed to get baby milk for the babies and I was getting some water on the way to the gym,” Till said, speaking on Believe You Me (as transcribed by MMAFighting). “I’m there 10 times a day, everyone knows me, it’s just my local petrol station. As I’m coming out, there was already a police officer in there and he’s the guy who sort of recognized me, he even said hello and that. As I come out, this [other] police officer’s been sat in his car, he jumped out of his car, comes straight up into my face and says, ‘Where’s your mask?’ and that just threw me off … I went, ‘I don’t need a mask, I’m exempt’.”

According to Till, he’s been given a medical exemption from wearing a mask after breaking his nose in a fight, which makes it hard to breath when wearing a mask. Despite telling the officer that, Till says, the policeman said he would have to give the Liverpudlian a fine.

“So as I’m going to my car, he’s trying to hold me and I said, ‘Mate, don’t you fucking touch me now.’ I thought this needs to be getting put on film in case these cunts try and arrest me for [disorderly conduct]. I tried to open my car door and he’s stopping it and I said, ‘Mate, you’re about five-foot-nothing, stop trying to stop my car.’ So I grabbed my phone and I went, ‘You’re going on live Instagram now to protect myself.’ This guy was about 45, I’m a nobody, but obviously, he doesn’t know I’ve got quite a few following and he goes, ‘Who to? You’re family?’

“I went, ‘Yeah, mate, my fucking family. Just wait until you see the memes that come out of you, you fucking four-headed cunt’.”