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Darren Till was perhaps watching the UFC 248 main event with more interest than the casual audience, but even the middleweight contender has to admit there wasn’t a lot of action to take note of.

Israel Adesanya defended his world title against Yoel Romero last Saturday in something of an anti-climatic fight which saw both men searching for opportunities rather than throwing multiple strikes over the course of their 25-minute bout.

For Till, he admits the contest could be considered a letdown, but it’s not something he would hold against either fighter.

“I just think it was stale,” Till said, speaking on MMAFighting’s Eurobash podcast. “I don’t think people expected it. People could say my last fight was stale, which it was, but I didn’t big it up or nothing, I sort of just went in there and got the win technically and then went home all happy with my new division, middleweight.

“But that fight was bigged up. Obviously, everyone has been on about how scary Yoel is. For the past few months, I’ve been making jokes about being scared of Yoel because he’s an animal and Izzy has been in these technical wars and that, like with Gastelum.

“Yoel looked dead heavy. Didn’t look as explosive. Izzy was sort of running away a bit and stuff like that, but can always give them [a break] for one fight, you give them a bypass. That’s it really, there’s not a lot to comment on because there was not a lot happening.”