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Dana White was never able to make a fight between light heavyweight dominator Jon Jones and middleweight legend Anderson Silva, but it seems a few years later, he’s got his eye on another cross division fight that could make waves.

Over the past few months, Jon Jones and Israel Adesanya have been sending increasingly mean spirited verbal shots back and forth after both men agreed they’d consider fighting the other. While both are in separate divisions, the fight — no doubt based on their mutually interesting characters — has already sparked an interest amongst fans.

Currently, Adesanya is set to face Robert Whittaker for the unified middleweight title on October 5 later this year, but should he win that fight, who knows what could come next.

“I don’t know right now off the top of my head,” White said, speaking with TMZ Sports. “I do [like that fight], but Israel needs to focus on — he’s fighting a bad dude. He needs to worry about that fight. If he beats Robert Whittaker, he’s a very, very dangerous guy and a guy Jones needs to take serious.”

Jones was most recently seen defeating Thiago Santos in a split decision win two weeks ago. At the moment, Jones maintains he wishes to compete in December of this year, which would mean he’ll have fought four times in 12 months.