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Dana White responded angrily to accusations made by Showtime executive Stephen Espinoza with an expletive-filled rant at the UFC 249 post-fight press conference.

Espinoza had gone on social media earlier in the evening to say UFC athletes had been made to sign a document that could see their purses taken away if they spoke negatively about their experience at UFC 249 in relation to the Covid-19 safety protocols.

When asked about Espinoza’s claims, White instead said it was a standard agreement found in all UFC contracts.

“There’s a disparagement clause in there that’s in all of our contracts,” White said. “Isn’t that creepy looking little fucker a lawyer? Isn’t that creepy little fucking goofball a lawyer? Does he not know what disparagement means? If you disparage the company — I’m not even a fucking lawyer and I know the answer to that question. It’s [a] disparagement.”

“It’s like if you came out and said, ‘They never tested me. The UFC never tested me for the coronavirus’,” he continued. “If you came out and had something critical to say about the testing that was true, that wouldn’t be disparagement. What fucking law school did he go to? I can’t stand that fucking creep if you couldn’t tell. … He’s just a fucking -– look at him. That creepy, little dude. What the fuck does he know about our contracts?”