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Michael Bisping vs. Georges St-Pierre is, once again, happening.

A contest between the two had been booked — and cancelled — in the earlier part of this year. While the two men had both maintained their interest in the contest, UFC president Dana White had emphasised recently that ‘the ship had sailed’ for that particular bout.

Well, apparently not.

“That ship fucking turned around and sailed back,” White said at the UFC 214 post-fight press conference.

Seemingly disappointed with welterweight champion Tyron Woodley’s performance against Demian Maia, White ruled out the previously set option of the winner facing St-Pierre and instead rebooked the Bisping fight.

“Listen, when you break a record for the least number of punches thrown in a five-round fight, when you beat it and it was like 130 and these guys threw 60 or something like that, that sums it up,” White said. “If you get booed out of the arena, that’s not good. That’s not how you make your money. If people don’t want to watch you, that’s a bad sign.”

According to reports, a potential date for Bisping – St-Pierre is November at Madison Square Garden