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Colby Covington has repeatedly stated his belief that he is capable of defeating champions across several different weight categories in the UFC but says there is just one man who he feels he wouldn’t have a chance against if they tangled in the Octagon: Donald Trump.

Covington, who will attempt to seize the UFC welterweight title from Leon Edwards this weekend in Las Vegas, is an unabashed supporter of the former US President Trump. The two have met on several occasions, with Covington even being invited to attend events at Trump’s Mar-a-Lago estate in Florida.

And if it came down to it, Covington says that the 77-year-old former American leader would have more than enough tools to put the welterweight title challenger away in the cage.

“He is my good friend, it’s not like I was just meeting up with him every couple of months,” Covington said via Mirror Fighting. “I was at his house in Mar-a-Lago a couple of weeks ago, I call him regularly to ask him about a gameplan. He’s given me great coaching advice for this fight. Trump is the better fighter [than me], that guy has knuckles like lunchboxes.”

It remains to be seen exactly what type of gameplan advice Trump might be able to impart to a fighter of Covington’s experience and calibre, but he may indeed offer it in person amid reports that the ex-president will be seated cageside for Covington’s title fight with Edwards at UFC 296 on Saturday.

“That guy is so big that he would destroy me if we fought,” Covington added of Trump. “I have the most important and famous person on planet earth coming to my fights to watch me front row. Who does Leon have? Does he have the royal family, Paddington the Bear, or Mary f****ng Poppins coming? Leon is a nobody, he is the B-side and I’m the A-side.”

Furthermore, Covington hailed Trump’s efforts on the golf course as another example of him being a top sportsman.

“The guy is a PGA tour level professional golfer, he shoots under par,” Covington said. “It’s incredible to watch him and his golf swing, he is dedicated to his craft and the sport of golf. I like to go out there and watch him, sit in the golf cart sometimes to just be amazed at how good Trump is at golf. He is the smartest and best president we’ve had in the history of America.”

So there you have it, Trump is a multi-sport athlete in the eyes of Colby Covington.