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It has not been a fantastic few days for Marlon ‘Chito’ Vera.

Just days after coming up short in the bantamweight world title fight against Sean O’Malley that topped last weekend’s UFC 299 in Miami, Florida, the Ecuadorian has revealed on social media that his residence was targeted by home invaders while he was out of town.

UFC veteran Vera posted a picture to social media on Tuesday showing a broken door, apparently having been damaged while one or more people gained entry likely with the use of a crowbar-like implement.

Vera captioned the image by stating: “The f*cking asshole that broke into my home, I’m gonna find you.”

He later explained on the incident on social media: “The context is last night there was a robbery. They broke into our house. Though they are material things, they are things that have been bought with a lot of effort and hard work. But hey, these types of things happen and the truth is tonight will be a good one.”

The 33-fight veteran did not elaborate on the items that were stolen from his hime.

Vera’s misfortune is not an isolated incident. Last year, French heavyweight Ciryl Gane endured a similar incident while he was fighting at an event in Paris, while in a different sport entirely, several prominent footballers have been targeted for home invasions by crime gangs who strike when their victims are known to be out of town.