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Chael Sonnen and Anderson Silva might have been the ultimate rivals during their career, but Sonnen is stepping up to defend his former foe after Silva’s leaving of the UFC.

Since Silva’s free agency, promotions across the world have stumbled forward to note their disinterest in signing the legend to fight for them, particularly of note, Bellator, the PFL, ONE Championship and Bare Knuckle Fighting Championship.

In Sonnen’s eyes, it was simply an attempt by those promotions heads to appear morally superior to those would sign Silva to a contract, or even Silva himself.

“That was a scummy move, by the way,” Sonnen said, speaking to James Lynch (H/T MMAFighting). “That was a real slimy move from a lot of those promotions. First off, they weren’t asked the question. So they took a shot at a guy — who they would’ve loved to have at a period of time (but) who didn’t want to come over there, made a decision, hung his hat somewhere else — and are now looking to get some cheap heat, make themselves look like they’re above Anderson by refusing a guy who hasn’t even offered his services.

“It was a little bit of a slimy move, not to mention it was cold-hearted. To say you don’t want a guy, it’s just a mean thing to do.”