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Former UFC heavyweight champion Cain Velasquez remains in a California jail after he was denied by bail at a Monday hearing, several days after he was arrested for several charges including attempted murder after pursuing and shooting at a vehicle which allegedly contained a person suspected of molesting a close family member of Velasquez’s. 

Speaking to the court, Judge Shelyna Brown said that Velasquez’s bail application was rejected because he represented a threat to the “witnesses” of the case, as well as residents of the Santa Clara region in which the 11 mile high speed pursuit and shooting occurred.

“It is clear to this court that there is clear and convincing evidence that there is a substantial likelihood that release would result in great bodily injury, not just to the named complaining witnesses in this case but to Santa Clara residents at large,” the judge said. “This case involves allegations of extreme recklessness to human life.

“Ramming a vehicle in the middle of the day where are citizens are out driving, going about their business and shooting out of a car at other individuals, which is reckless by any standard. Anyone could have been injured. Anyone could have been killed and when this court looks at article 1, section 12, it is this level of risk that the court must take into consideration. With that said, this court is making the ruling that the risk is too great and that there will be no bail set at this time.”

Harry Goularte, the man suspected of abusing a relative of Velasquez, had previously been released on bail against the advice of the district attorney. Goularte’s stepfather was shot in the incident and was taken to hospital for non-life threatening injuries.

Velasquez faces a 20 year minimum prison sentence if found guilty of attempted murder.

Meanwhile, the crowd-funding platform GoFundMe has removed a fund made to raise money for Velasquez’s legal defence after saying that they prohibit such funds which raise money in connection to a violent crime.

“We can confirm that both fundraisers were removed, and all donors have been refunded,” GoFundMe said to MMA Junkie. “GoFundMe prohibits raising money for the legal defence of a violent crime.”