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Jon Jones isn’t cutting corners ahead of his much-hyped heavyweight debut, whenever that may come.

Jones has been absent from the cage since a February 2020 defence of the light heavyweight title he would eventually relinquish in favour of testing the waters at heavyweight. Since then, a prospective showdown with heavyweight champion Francis Ngannou appeared close but was subsequently brushed aside due to a pay impasse between Jones and the UFC — but the longtime former 205-pound champion says that he will fight again, but only when he is ready.

“It would definitely hurt my speed and cardio if I was to try and rush the process. Achieving greatness isn’t something that’s done overnight, it takes patience and consistency sometimes. Right now my biggest fight is in the gym day by day. Getting more gold will come later,” said Jones to a fan when asked if packing more muscle on his frame might slow him down.

“I know lots of them do, that’s why I’m not going to allow anyone to rush me. Becoming a heavy weight is a serious process. Not many people understands what it takes to do it the right way. I’ll be back when I’m good and ready,” added Jones.

The identity of Jones’ next opponent, and indeed when he will return, remains a mystery but it seems as though he is willing to wait and see what the landscape is following Ngannou’s mooted defence against Derrick Lewis later this year before committing himself to a comeback.