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If you’re going into negotiations with a huge corporation, it’s never a bad thing to have one of the most famous film stars of all time and Rocky Balboa in your corner.

Luckily for Conor McGregor, Sylvester Stallone, creator of the Rocky and Rambo franchises, has his back.

Earlier this week, Stallone was approached by TMZ on the street and asked if McGregor deserved shares in the UFC for the success he’d brought the brand over the past few years. Stallone agreed, even saying he’d be happy to offer the first champ-champ some of his own.

Stallone purchased some of the UFC after the companies sale in 2016, along with other celebrity clients of new owners WME-IMG (now Endeavor) such as Mark Wahlberg, Conan O’Brien, Ben Affleck, Tom Brady, Anthony Kiedis and around 18 others.

Today, Stallone doubled down on his original comments, taking to his social media, where he praised McGregor and agreed he deserved equity in the UFC promotion.

“[McGregor] Absolutely deserves BIG shares in UFC … He undoubtably is the greatest star and ambassador the UFC ever had!”

McGregor has made no secret of his desire to be a partner in the UFC, even predicting such a future before winning his first world title in 2015. Since then, his star power and mainstream attraction has only increased, as evident by his global boxing affair with Floyd Mayweather and subsequent involvement in the biggest MMA event of all time, UFC 229.

While the Irishman’s status is at present unknown, it’s believed he’s set to meet with UFC president Dana White in Los Angeles over the next coming weeks to discuss his fighting future. And, if his reply to the comments made by Stallone yesterday are anything to go by, he’s clearly planning a comeback similar to the famous Rocky himself.

“This is Rocky III. We are halfway through,” McGregor wrote. “See that look in their eyes Rock? You gotta get that look back. Eye of the tiger, man!” – Apollo Creed. Thank you for your recent words of support and encouragement Sylvester! Know that I am using them as motivation!”