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Few people are as experienced in the world of professional fighting as John Kavanagh but today the SBG Ireland head coach has his mind on a different type of fight.

On Monday, Kavanagh launced a new campaign aimed at bringing into focus people in Ireland who suffer from neurofibromatosis, a condition which causes tumours to grow in various nerves all across the body.

The NF Fighter campaign launched ahead of World NF Day this Wednesday, 17th May.

Speaking at the launch, Kavanagh said: “I am delighted to help launch this fantastic campaign. I’ve met some of the kids here today who live with NF every day and they really go through a lot, so if I can help them out by helping to raise awareness and help get them support, then I am happy to do it.

“I have met some of the world’s toughest fighters, yet today I’ve met some little fighters who have faced far tougher challenges than any of the champions of the ring. The NF Fighter campaign is a really nice initiative that gives people the opportunity to acknowledge and nominate those who do their best to fight against the condition and I’m delighted to support it.”

NF is a very serious condition which is known to affect the proper development of tissues like bone and skin. It is passed on genetically in about half of cases, the other half being attributed to a genetic abnormality.

The campaign asks that you nominate your very own ‘NF Fighter’ to assist in raising awareness for those who battle against the disease every day of their lives.

To do this and to learn more about the disease and how you can support those who are afflicted with it, visit

Photo via Irish Mirror