Fighting Fit :: The Benefits of Incorporating Cycling in Training

Fighting Fit :: The Benefits of Incorporating Cycling in Training

Conor McGregor has often been seen cycling through the hot Vegas desert prior to fight nights. Here’s why you should consider breaking out two wheels as well.

By Oscar Willis - 24 Aug 2018

When it comes to cardiovascular training, there are numerous ways for athletes to build upon their base, all with their own negatives and positives.

Whether you decide to train inside a gym using treadmills or prefer hiking hills in nature, cardio is an essential part of any training regime. By adding cycling into their schedule, people can find numerous benefits in one activity.

As pointed out on The Mac Life Health, below are four benefits which you can find by adding cycling to your exercise regime.

Increase Cardiovascular Fitness

As mentioned above, cycling is a tremendous way to build your cardio. The very action of cycling, even leisurely, will result in better cardiovascular endurance over time.

Increase Muscle Strength and Flexibility

Whether it be on a stationary bike at the gym or out on the roads, cycling works several muscles at once, most notably in your legs. Your quads, hamstrings, calf muscles and your glutes all benefit from pumping the pedals, and will both build and tone them.

Improves Joint Mobility

Not only is cycling easier on your joints, it’s also been shown to help aid in the recovery of certain areas. Knee injuries, such as ACL tears, often find cycling beneficial in the rehab stages of treatment. It’s also been shown to help with illnesses such as arthritis.

Of course, you should always stretch prior to excercise and be wary of pushing your body too hard at once.

Is a Low Impact Form of Excercise

Cycling is a great alternative to running as it avoids heavy damage to your knees and joints over time while still allowing you to elevate your heart rate and control the intensity level of your workout.⠀

Intensity Levels Can Be Easily Varied

There’s a reason why people choose to take Sunday morning bike rides. Cycling can be as strenuous as the rider chooses. Even on an active rest day, riders can find some flat road and pedal to lightly raise their heart rate without pushing their body to limit. Alternately, if it’s a Red Zone day, head to the hills and work your legs until you’re exhausted.

Either way, cycling offers you a spectrum of output.