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Show me a man who says he doesn’t want bigger arms and I will show you a liar.

There is really only one way to achieve these goals and that is by good, old-fashioned hard work in the gym either with free weights or on the bicep curl machine. It is the latter which we will be looking at today.

First though, let’s check out the ‘Austrian Oak’ himself, Arnold Schwarzenegger, showing us how it is done.


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How to use the bicep curl machine

  • Sit down on the bench built into the machine and select your weight. You will have already decided if your strategy is to go for reps until exhaustion with a heavier weight, or for a prescribed number of reps and sets of a lower weight. Either works depending on what your goals are
  • Place your triceps on the pad in front of you and grab the handles using an underhand grip. Keep your elbows tucked
  • Lift as you exhale and contract your biceps and hold for a moment at the top of the extension before lowering with control. Your forearms should be the only things that move
  • Lower as you inhale
  • Repeat through your prearranged number of sets