Fighting Fit :: 5 Benefits of Weight Lifting

Fighting Fit :: 5 Benefits of Weight Lifting

Remember, you don’t have to be in the gym to focus on your weight training regime.

By TheMacLife - 27 Aug 2018

Any boxer needs to practice. Even on vacation, a real fitness enthusiast knows that they must stay in shape and keep muscle mass up to standards. Weight lifting is a versatile way to continue your training while at home or traveling.

Words by Katherine Roberts.

Weightlifting is easy, quick, and efficient. It is a reminder that you are practicing sports as a passion and wouldn’t want to take a break from being a champion. Even if you lack the time or the tools to exercise like a pro, weightlifting is your way to keep up with the self-developed schedule that any fitness buff should have.

Which Weightlifting Tools Should I Use?

The most common and versatile tools for weightlifting while on vacation are adjustable dumbbells. Once you pick the weights that you can temporarily use, you will only need to carry them in a bag to protect them.

However, you wouldn’t want to compromise and buy a set of dumbbells that break after just a few adjustments. You can check out for some reliable reviews of the best adjustable dumbbells you can purchase this year. The dumbbells have been ranked based on their popularity effectiveness, and design.

Lower Blood Pressure

Weightlifting is a type of resistance training that increases the blood flow to your muscles. Your body will balance the strength it needs to contract the muscles and adjusts its overall functioning. Your resting heart rate will lower, as well as your blood pressure.

Even though blood pressure rises for a few minutes when you are working out due to the effort, it rebalances after you finish the training. If you have heart-related issues or high blood pressure, you should consult with a healthcare specialist if want to try a weightlifting program.

Higher Bone Strength

Weightlifting increases your bone density. This means there’s also a lower risk of osteoporosis and fractures. Such exercises are extremely beneficial for women since women tend to lose more bone density than men as they age. According to a study, menopausal women should pursue weight-training to rebalance bone density in their hips and spine.

You can keep bones challenged by following a precise schedule and not missing your training sessions. Bone strength is essential as you will need to have a stronger body to offset ageing. Weightlifting is the type of training that you start even after you have hit your 40s or 50s.

Increased Injury Resistance

Constant training strengthens your ligaments, tendons, and muscles. As a result, you get an improved motor performance and lower injury risk. You minimize the risk of pain in the knees and back as you build muscle mass around those areas.

You will use full-range-of-motion techniques when you lift weights, which increase your flexibility and decrease the risk of muscle strains. You will also build more endurance for your everyday activities.

Boost Your Metabolism

When you are lifting weights, you boost your metabolism and lose fat – it is obvious, we know. However, weight lifting mixed with cardio can change your metabolism’s rate because you will be burning more calories as you grow muscle mass. Muscles are an active tissue that burns energy and fat while resting.

Bodyweight programs help your body adjust and get more toned, as well as slimming your waist, even if you don’t notice any weight loss. You will burn fat at a different rate and process food in an optimised way because your body expects an upcoming training session.

Improved Posture

 Once you manage to get through your 20s, you begin to slowly lose muscle mass unless you work out. As you age, you’ll “benefit from” lower stability and a higher risk to fall – which can even be fatal. Weight lifting gives you higher upper body balance and stability because your muscles develop.

Weightlifting covers the back, neck, and core which also help you maintain a good posture during the entire day. Your training routine will keep you motivated and allow you to improve your health through discipline. Your improved attitude will always be visible, even when you don’t realise it.

Living a healthy life that includes exercising has plenty of rewards and few demands. There are many benefits of weightlifting for your health, weight, appearance, and wellbeing. You will feel and be stronger and also discover that you might try out boxing.

If practicing sports is essential, weightlifting is one of the best workouts to keep your body in shape, gain muscle mass, and make you look harmonious. Working out along with a balanced menu and doctor-approved habits can lift your way to a healthy life.


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