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Video: Floyd Mayweather – “If a guy got power, he got power and Conor McGregor got power”

On his 40th birthday, Floyd Mayweather continues calls for a Conor McGregor bout.

By Oscar Willis - 25 Feb 2017

On his 40th birthday, Floyd Mayweather repeated his stance on a potential Conor McGregor fight, claiming he was ready and willing to accept the bout.

“They keep throwing the Conor McGregor name out there,” Mayweather said on Showtime Boxing. “Conor McGregor, you know like I said before. I’m here, let’s make it happen.”

Talk of the mega-fight continues to trundle on, with negotiations reportedly underway. While there has been no bout agreement yet, momentum certainly appears to be on the side of the event taking place — something that would no doubt create an amount of revenue and attention seldom seen in sports.

The bout, which would take place in a boxing ring, has raised plenty of questions. While pugilism purists claim that McGregor’s MMA striking experience wouldn’t necessarily translate to boxing, others state that his undeniable power means refinement is not the pressing issue.

And according to Mayweather, not only is it a competitive bout, it’s the only one that’s worth being involved in.

“Every time Conor McGregor goes out there and compete and win, he do it standing up,” Mayweather said. “When Conor McGregor did lose, he lost on the ground, he didn’t lose standing up. So he’s a hell of a fighter and he’s a very tough competitor, and he has the will to win. The UFC gloves is no different from boxing gloves, they’re just a little bit smaller, but if a guy got power, he got power and Conor McGregor got power.

“Let’s make the fight happen, let’s give the fans what they want to see. There’s only one fight out there that’s important. That’s Mayweather and Conor McGregor.”