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Jake Paul has agreed to face Tommy Fury in the UK in February — but says that there is a strict deadline to agree a deal or he is walking away.

Paul was successful in his most recent turn in the ring, defeating UFC icon Anderson Silva by unanimous decision in Glendale, Arizona in late October in what is likely Paul’s biggest win in the ring to date. Afterwards, though, attention turned to a now familiar criticism of the ‘Problem Child’: when is he going to face a legitimate boxer?

Paul has been signed on to fight Tommy Fury on two occasions now, with both falling apart for a variety of reasons up to this point — and we’ll let you decide if Fury represents the ‘legitimate’ boxer people have been calling for.

But after Fury experienced some weight issues ahead of last weekend’s fight with Paul Bamba on the Mayweather-Deji underacrd, which was changed at the last moment to another local boxer, Paul has offered Fury one final chance to step into the ring with him.

“Dear [Frank Warren],” wrote Paul on Twitter in response to a video clip of John Fury saying that Paul had shaken his hand and agreed to a fight in the UK in February.

“I agree to fight Tommy in Manchester or London in Feb. I’ll come to his country, no more running. His baby is due then & you’ve said it’s no issue. Since John is adamant we’ve agreed, I am giving u 7 days to present a signed contract by Tommy or I’m moving on.”

Paul was ringside for Fury’s fight last weekend, after which a shirtless John Fury shouted insults at him from inside the ring — but apparently there was a bit more of an accord backstage when they supposedly shook hands on a deal.

But as we have learned in the past, don’t bank on this happening until they’re both in the ring with one another.