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Jake Paul appears to have no shortage of possible opponents if he intends to keep the July date for his postponed fight with boxing icon Mike Tyson.

It was revealed last week that former heavyweight champ Tyson, 57, had been forced to move the original July 20 date amid reports that he experienced a medical issue on a flight from Miami to Los Angeles. But while Paul and Tyson, as well as the fight’s promotional team, have indicated that the bout will progress as planned at a future date, attention has turned to the July booking in the AT&T Stadium in Arlington, Texas.

And if there is a gap to be filled, one candidate is Roy Jones Jr.

“Maybe I get myself in shape for that because I never thought about doing it before, but with the situation of the fight [being postponed], I think that’s a great idea. And I’ll be ready and in shape, because if the fight doesn’t happen, then I’m the ideal guy to substitute in place of Mike Tyson to fight Jake Paul. It is something I have been thinking about. If the [Jake Paul] fight is out there, then yes [I would take it],” former world champ Jones Jr said, per Betway.

He added: “I haven’t thought about [how I would box Paul] because, me being me, I only think about being the best I can be and have never thought about that. I figure it out in the ring. There was obviously the Tommy Fury thing, and then the other day somebody asked me whether I would fight Julio Cesar Chavez Jr. in an exhibition, and that’s crazy. I would jump on it, but now that this thing has come up, it makes sense to get into shape [to face] Jake Paul, and it would be one of the biggest fights of this decade.”

Additionally, Amir Khan, the Briton who has been recently linked to a bout with another online influencer, KSI, has also thrown his proverbial hate into the ring — with one condition.

“If the weights are right [I would step in for Mike Tyson] I don’t mind giving away 20 pounds,” Khan told Offshore Poker Sites, as noted by talkSPORT.

“It just depends on the weight because I know Jake has put on a lot of weight to fight Mike. Jake’s not normally that big, but he’s put on a lot of mass, so it depends on him, whether he’s willing to lose that weight and we find some middle ground somewhere.

“Let’s see, but I’ve had no calls about that, so I assume they’re still hoping to fight Mike, he’s not going to want to take a beating before that.  But it’s KSI who has been speaking the big game and once he’s taken a beating, and if I’m going to do that, I may as well bang both of them out.

“I’d take on KSI first and then knock Jake Paul out after that. Let’s see how he looks against Mike Tyson, if he gets knocked out badly I wouldn’t entertain it, but if he looks really good, then it would be worth entertaining.”