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Deontay Wilder has continued his sensational accusations regarding the second Tyson Fury bout, now suggesting someone tampered with his water before he went to the ring.

The former champion has suggested a varied list of issues were behind his defeat, which saw his cornerman Mark Breland throw in the towel in the seventh round after Wilder was beaten pillar to post by the ‘Gypsy King’ in Las Vegas.

“About 15 minutes before going out to the fight, warming up on the mitts, it was perfect, I felt great. Until I went to the ring. That transformation, I was drinking certain water and stuff, trying to keep myself hydrated,” Wilder said, speaking to 78SportsTV.

“I just start feeling weird. My water was spiked as if I took a muscle relaxer or something like that. After a fight is over with and it don’t go in your favour you’re always looking for what happened. Certain things, the atmosphere just didn’t seem right. It felt like something was about to go down, and not in my favour.”

Since the fight, Wilder has parted ways with Breland, infuriated that his coach called the fight to an end despite apparent instructions to allow Wilder to go out on his shield.

“If you knew Deontay Wilder, you’d know that if I’m gonna draw my sword, I’mma live by that sword and I’mma die by that sword,” Wilder said. “I’mma live and die by that, period. And I’ve been telling my people that for five years so that ain’t nothing knew to them. So he knew that. When he did that, he already had orders not to do that.

“He even had somebody on Fury’s side to tell him, ‘Throw the towel in, they got a rematch’. Because I believe he was part of it. He was part of it. And, even more so, I think he’s got something to do with my water as well too. He was the only one handling my water. He was the only one. I have strong sources.

“And on top of that, this motherfucker didn’t even give me a warning that he was gonna do it… But if you a part of the plot that ain’t gonna matter because that shit gonna be on you at the end of the night. He had to fulfil the obligation, he had to do something. Talk about saving my life? Saving my life is stopping me from jumping off a building.

“When I’m in the ring, man to man, you ain’t saving my life… In round seven I’m getting myself back together and all of a sudden the towel is thrown in. What’s the odds of that? I’m gathering myself. My momentum is coming. While I’m looking into his eyes, he’s looking tired, he’s looking fatigued.

“When the referee stopped it, that motherfucker was the most happiest motherfucker on Earth.”

Wilder didn’t stop there. The American is also alleging that veteran reporter Kenny Bayless was part of the problem, and performance can only be attributed to either being drunk or being on Fury’s side.

“His eyes looked like he took a cocktail drink before going into the fight,” Wilder said. “His energy felt like, ‘I’m gonna do something to you black man, but I’ve gotta do it. I’m a crab in the bucket.’

“He was leaning on me, he elbowed me as well. Elbowed me in my face as well too. The ref ain’t do nothing. Every time I’ve seen the referee he’s breaking shit up. He acted like he ain’t know what was going on.

“Either this motherfucker he was drunk or he was part of it. Which one was it?”